Nathan leads Arkansas lawyers for new trademark filings

I wrote some custom software to automatically update a database of trademarks I file for my clients. This software notifies me daily of any changes to the status of my clients’ trademark applications. It also notifies me when deadlines get close or when renewal affidavits need to be filed. It’s a big help to my practice, and it helps me keep my clients informed in a timely fashion.

My software also analyzes statistical information about my clients’ trademark applications, such as average pendency, so I can give clients accurate estimates of the time it will take for various things to happen during the application process.

I recently wrote some new software to analyze statistics about all trademark applications naming Arkansas owners, and I’ll be featuring some of the insights on this blog going forward.

One of the first questions I asked was, “Who files the most trademark applications in the state?” The table below shows the answer:

I’m proud and pleased to be the attorney handling the most applications in the state over the last 12 months.

What would you like to know about federal trademark filings for Arkansans?

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